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December 3-4, 2o21

Welcome to the website of our 20th meeting!

We hope to offer a great conference and a great time in our virtual tour of Santiago! 

Early access to Lightning talk open

Go to "Conference" to access the conference website with the lightning videos and posters. Zoom links for the talks will be added there. 

Remember to send receipt of registration to get access to the website. 

Full program available now

Go to Program to see the details of the program for December 3rd and 4rd 

Invited speakers

Alex Kacelnik

Thomas Zentall 

Ruben Ardila

Carlos Flores

Ricardo Pellón

and more! 

Registration Fellowships awarded!

Congratulations to Gabriela E. López-Tolsa and Jorge Mallea for their outstanding work!

About our society

The International Society of Comparative Psychology was founded in 1980 and held its first meeting in 1983. This meeting will be our 20th, but it is also our 40th anniversary.

The Society also has a Journal:

"The International Journal of Comparative Psychology publishes studies on the evolution and development of animal behavior, including humans. Articles based on experimental or descriptive research procedures, carried out in laboratory, semi-natural, or natural settings, and involving mechanistic, developmental, functional-adaptive, or evolutionary theoretical approaches are welcome. Articles may include a single study or a series of related studies."

We hope you consider the journal for your next paper :)

Our logo

Our logo for the next conference in Chile has native animals on it :) Do you want to know more? Check our News section!