December 3, 2021

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8 A.M.

  Towards a 'comparative' Comparative Psychology

-Alex Kacelnik-

University of Oxford, UK

9.15 A.M. 

Ignite Talks Room 1

1. REM: A Universal Theory of Generalization, Discrimination and Summation in Associative Learning

2. Effects of delay of reinforcement on ABA renewal

3. A preliminary bibliometric analysis of the work of Robert A. Rescorla 

4. A preliminary bibliometric analysis of the work of Allan R. Wagner    

17.   Response recovery of a Discriminated Operant after an Outcome Devaluation in Humans

9.15 A.M.
Ignite Talks Room 2

5. Foraging decision in spider monkeys:  quality and recency

6. Cognition in horses (Equus Caballus): A bibliometric analysis

7. Sex differences in spatial memory of felids and canids

8. Analysis of regular patterns of changes in the aggressive behavior of Papio hamadryas during partial solar eclipses that occurred in Santiago de Chile 

10.15 A.M.
Florentino Ameghino, "The Darwin of Argentina", a forgotten pioneer

- Ruben Ardila-

National University of Colombia

11.15 A.M. 
Bringing induction into reinforcement

- Ricardo Pellón-

National Distance Education University, Spain

12.15 P.M. 
Lightning Talks Room A

1. Long-term working memory retention in aged rats in the radial maze

2. Long-term working memory retention in young rats in the radial maze

3. Conditional self-discrimination in zebrafish, in a spatial choice paradigm under positive reinforcement

4. Variability and exploration behavior in virtual mazes with humans-  WITHDRAW

5. Probability, Feedback and Exploratory Behavior     

6. Rats (Rattus norvegicus) failed to show prospective information-seeking in an object exploration task.          

12.15 P.M. 
Lightning Talks Room B

7. Chronic, inescapable and contiguity foot-shocks to feeding period modifies eating behavior in rats.

8. Absence of latent inhibition in food aversion conditioning in Japanese fire-bellied newts

9. Renewal procedure (ABA) with light as context in snails Cornu aspersum 

10. Effects of affective contexts on the reappearance of extinguished responses in rats  

11. The ABA renewal of operant behavior is not reduced by the retrieval-extinction paradigm          

12.15 P.M.Lightning Talks Room C

12. Study of Social Foraging Situations Using a 3D Multiplayer Videogame

13. Evidence of social inference in rats

14. Helping-like behavior of laboratory rats is not modulated by social bonds, but rather associated with preceding interactions, age and sex

15. Identifications of mirror neurons related with singing and listening in a songbird: analyses using temporal difference of gene expression   

16. A case of conjunction bias in rats.

                               1.30 P.M.                            Animal model of human gambling behavior

- Tom Zentall-

University of Kentucky, USA

2.30 P.M. 

Space Wars episode 4: A new HOPI (higher-order path integration)

- Aaron Blaisdell-

University of California, Los Angeles, USA

3.15 P.M.

Ruben Ardila Symposium

Organized by Andres Perez Acosta

7:30 P.M.

Business Meeting International Society for Comparative Psychology

All attendees are welcome to discuss the future of our society