December 4, 2021

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8 A.M.

  As if by design: How creative behaviors really evolve

- Edward Wasserman -

University of Iowa, USA

9.15 A.M.
Ignite Talks Room 3

9. Can emotional states affect our long-term mate evaluation? An experimental review

10. Behavioral Diversity and Captive Animal Welfare

11. A Bibliometric Analysis of Comparative Psychology and Animal Behavior Research in Hispanic America 

12. Learned helplessness in people with and without emotional dysregulation 

9.15 A.M.
Ignite Talks Room 4

13. The essential value of the alternatives of the suboptimal choice procedure is different for pigeons and rats

14. Probability and Reward Amount Differentially Affect Response Rates And Latencies

15. A marker-less rodent pose estimation tool after DeepLabCut

16. On heights and plains: How rodents cope with three-dimensional environments?

10.15 A.M.
Modelos animales para el estudio de recaídas y persistencia del comportamiento

- Carlos Flores -

University of Guadalajara, Mexico

11.15 A.M. 
The role of ILK in spatial learning deficits and neuroprotection in fetal alcohol exposure model

- Martha Escobar -

California State University, USA

12.15 P.M. 
Lightning Talks Room D

17. Matching-to-sample learning and transfer with patterned visual stimuli in rats

18. Human Perceptual Learning: discrimination based on different rules

19. Two-item same/different categorization in pigeons

20. Abstract oddity discrimination learning in rats

21. Effect of variations on absolute and relative values of composed stimuli on perceptual learning     

22. Mental enumeration of object stimuli in rats        

12.15 P.M. 
Lightning Talks Room E

23. Human Approach Test: Recent Developments - WITHDRAW

24. Spanish adaptation of Ideal Partner and Relationship Scale (IPRS): A classical test for human mate selection research

25. Preliminary evidence of discrimination of familiar and unfamiliar human faces by pet turtles: A mask experiment

26. Inductor and reinforcer: Ontological differences which make them incommensurable      

27.  Chimpanzee personality is linked to their performance in cognitive tasks

12.15 P.M.Lightning Talks Room F

28. Habituation Learning in Mealworm Pupae (Tenebrio molitor)

29. Experience of nearer future events may extend possible time horizon in anticipatory contrast in rats

30. An exploratory study on contexts, developmental changes and functions of mare-foal vocalizations in domestic horses (Equus caballus)

31. Forgetting as a function of delay and amount of information in spider monkeys

32. Discrimination of frontally and laterally oriented conspecific faces in Bengalese finches

1.30 P.M.
Reasoning by Exclusion and Language Acquisition

- Andreia Schmidt -

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

2.30 P.M. 

On the measurement of incentive motivation in animal models

- Federico Sanabria-

Arizona State University, USA

5.30 P.M.

Beyond R-W: A symposium in honor of Allan Wagner

Organized  by J.W. “Bill” Whitlow

7:30 P.M.

Rescorla-Wagner Memorial Social

Co hosted by Ruth, Andy and Bill

Please join us to share memories and to discuss the work of these much missed and admired researchers.

Everyone welcome! B.Y.O.B.

Social Event